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C&C 30, Itemized component weights from US Watercraft warehouse

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Found these boards at the US Watercraft auction today with the weights of each itemized component of the C&C 30's. I haven't sailed in this class so there is no real investment for me, however, I was intrigued at some of the discrepancies between hull #'s. Most noticeably, the keel bulb weights between some of the hulls; hull #18 = 1,379 lbs at the lightest, hull #2 = 1,404 lbs at the heaviest for a delta of 25 lbs). I don't sail enough small sporties to know or care how much that matters, but I know it definitely matters because I've heard stories of programs purchasing 3 or 4 entire boats (one designs - specifically J70's), stripping and weighing each component, then assembling one 'Uber-boat' with all of the lightest components.... I thought I also read somewhere that the Volvo boats came out of the factory within 3kg's of each other, which seems a substantially more difficult task given the size and complexity of those boats. Anyhow, interesting shower thoughts for me, and maybe a bit more than a shower thought for any C&C 30 owners out there.



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There has to be some tolerance in the build and the weights you single out are within +/-  1%. Not exactly sloppy work. In classes that are not weighed, (Catalina 22's come to mind) there is a distinct advantage in assembling a boat that is several hundred pounds lighter than others. In a boat that is weighed for regattas and needs to have corrector weights, in places that are not usually ideal for weight distribution, why would that be an advantage?

Its mostly mind games for people with lots of money to burn through.

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The weights I'm seeing there are pretty good actually.  Given that the parts are probably a combination of wet layup with bagging and infusion, those numbers look good to me.  The Volvo boats are built using Prepreg, which is easier to dial in a much finer tolerance between parts.  

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