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Gis a job

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I've been reading these forums for a bit so feel free to bring it on..

I am asking for my brother who doesn't know i'm posting on his behalf. He was a RN P.O WEPS for 9 years and has been a IT network engineer for the last 15, what sort of course\training would he need to convert to installation and maintenance of systems on yachts. He is sociable, fit and almost as good looking as me. If I had a tenth of the electronics background I would be asking for myself.

He would be available along the South UK coast. I'm looking at British Marine Membership already. . He is nothing like me. He cares about stuff and ensures customers are sorted 24hrs a day and he KNOWS what he is talking about and would be horrified to hear me pimping him out. I just need some training ideas is al!


I haven't got a missus or boat to post unless you want to see my cat..

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