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The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Commodore Steve Mair said China's yacht racing team, China Team, have "huge ambitions" to compete in the next America's Cup.



they'll be there, i was assured of this months ago by someone who should know




Yep, we can probably count on 4 Challs so far. LR, LRBAR, QR, and Team China.

Will China have Burling at the helm?

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Enter the Dragon: China eyes America’s Cup entry

by Suzanne McFadden 8 Dec 15:55 NZDT8 December 2017


Monk believes China could challenge for the Auld Mug again: “They could do it in a heartbeat. They certainly have the finances and resources to do it. But it’s just not as important to them as it is to us yet. It will still take a little while to get people to understand what the America’s Cup stands for.”

An entry in the following America’s Cup – especially if it was retained by Team NZ – would be far more realistic, Monk says. “They have the talent, but it’s just time. The America’s Cup is definitely on their horizon.”

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Great to hear and just in time.  Word is they've been told to vacate their current team base.


WetHog  :ph34r:

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