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4 hours ago, Proneshooter said:

Wondering how much betting money changed hands (to a different set) as a result of the penalty?

Ah wot a shame...................

Don't come across too may poor bookmakers though.

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On 04/01/2018 at 3:11 PM, Captain Jack Sparrow said:

Read rules 16.1 and 16.2. It only would have been "hunting" if Wild Oats was trying to duck Comanche's stern. This is where the common misconception of hunting and match racing comes from. In match racing the starboard boat can come down to 90 degrees off the true wind even if the port boat is trying to duck the stern. 

In fleet racing, if port is trying to duck starboard's stern, starboard can't alter course if it would require port to immediately change course to continue keeping clear. 


Wild Oats was not trying to duck Comanche. 

Comanche may have altered course to leeward (I thought I saw that too in the video). 

Competely perfectly legal move. 

If stupidity was against the RRS WOXI would have copped a penalty for that as well. Burden of proof is on the port tack boat, or boat tacking. Starboard doesn't have to explain much typically. 

Turning to leeward is a perfectly sensible move. I did the same thing on Wednesdays twilight when it was clear that the helmsman of a S80 on port could not see us so I started preparing to go behind. Thankfully I saw his face appear under the boom and they did a crash tack and I resumed course. It would have been stupid of me to not turn leeward, just in case he never saw us. 

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