Can B&G Zeus operate Nexus NX2 autopilot through the GND10 interface?

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I have recently bought a 35ft racing yacht with a full set of Nexus NX2 instruments; log, depth, wind, compass, GPS, autopilot, etc.

As there were no chart plotter, I have recently bought a GND10 and a B&G Zeus3 plotter, and waiting for spring to mount them.

I understand I will be able to read wind/speed etc on the Zeus3, but will I also be able to operate the Nexus autopilot from the B&G plotter?

What I mean with operate :

   -change course with +/-

   -set waypoints on the Zeus and have it control the autopilot

   -other functions ?

Ultimately I would also like to get  a wireless remote to control the autopilot, but I suppose this is not within reach....

Regards Andreas

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On 1/6/2018 at 9:26 AM, LionessRacing said:

You should be able to feed (successive) waypoints, unlikely you can change headings or modes. 

This is exactly right. the NX2 AP should be able to follow a course or a route you set on the chartplotter, but you won't be able to use the Z3 to control the autopilot. AP control is generally vendor-specific. On my boat, the Raymarine will follow a pre-plotted course on my Z2, and it will steer to wind off my gwind, but I have to use the AP head or Raymarine remote to make changes.

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