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Anarchists - can anyone point me in the direction of AC50/AC75(proposed) CAD designs? Clearly the AC75 hasn't been built yet so... I couldn't even find the actual AC50 one design specs online ...

Looking for something to 3D print & potentially modify into RC/drone...

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On 8/01/2018 at 12:39 PM, thastark@gmail.com said:

Anarchists - can anyone point me in the direction of AC50/AC75(proposed) CAD designs?

Do you want exact actual CAD or closeish sketch?


Pretty sure the AC50 rule did have the wing shape in CAD format & outlines of the hull shape but I can't seem to find a copy in my archives for some reason :(

I do have the short lived AC62 rule with the wing shape in .igs format.

Also this guy made a Rhino Grasshopper script to twist the wing (also has link to the rule with the .igs) http://islandcad.com/grasshopper/ac/ac62wing/version_3.html


Meanwhile there is ChevalierTaglang who are famous for recreating lines of AC (& other) yachts.

Don't seem to have attempted to recreate the AC50 lines though http://chevaliertaglang.blogspot.co.nz/2017/07/35th-americas-cup-ac-50-drawings.html

They do have lines for AC72s (though I think they drew much too boxy, not their best work) http://chevaliertaglang.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/scoop-ac72-drawings-unveiled.html


Catsailingnews.com did try to recreate AC50 in CAD, possibly he'd be willing to help?


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The files were missing from most of the public versions of the rule that I saw.

Nothing secret* about them now though - ask CORE?

You'd still be missing the foils, the controller and the hydraulics though!! :D

*unless RNZYS considers them protected AC IP of course..... "AC50 b'long us!"

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NICE BOOBS (dual whomper wing spec?) & thanks for the politeness! Have a c-class wing drawing.

@hoom thanks!!! Going to reach out to cat sailing news - very close to what I'm looking for to get started.  Other references helpful!

Not looking to build an AC50/75 - ha ... so ya hydraulics / internal ops totally irrelevant ... I'd take a few cross sections ... 360 frames from a 360 render ... anything creative....

The AC50 at least being out of the box - no CAD drawings or at least detailed spec on the one design components in public domain?  Seriously nothing?  


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Hi TeamRed

The AC72 wing iges file was available from ACEA, will look later and post.   On the AC50 platform I did some more progress but never finished it as I targeted some detailed pending rendering. I can send you some flat views as these attached but also searching google images you will get plenty of good references too.




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k2mav - thanks - these are exactly what I was looking for.

My goal is to get the mesh, scale down to 1.5M and add some off the shelf robotics to evolve from RC -> drone.  

Test project for a bunch of things that interest me: 3D Design; 3D printing; IOT; Machine Learning; Computer Vision; ... using sailing as the platform ... clearly not going to be a quick turn around.

If there are any STLs of anything I'll be a happy camper.  Really appreciate the wing!!  I'm also up to collaborate on this project if that's something you're interested in!!


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