Moreton Bay Multihull Regatta 16-19 March 2018

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An invitation to compete in the first Moreton Bay Multihull Regatta 16-19 March 2018… (Qld Australia)


Quick introduction, my name is Mike Peberdy, I’m the owner of XL2 and have enjoyed sailing multihulls (and anything lead free) for many years.


A number of us are keen to see regular well populated fleets of multihulls in our own backyard, Moreton Bay (SE Qld).


Between the Multihull Yacht Club Qld and Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron we have come up with a regatta that we hope to hold each year 2 weeks prior to the Brisbane to Gladstone.



Our goal is to build a regatta with strong entries and a regular on everyone’s calendar. 6 good boats so far have committed to race, with a number of good crews/boats expressing interest.


The Program reflects different kinds of Sailing as part of a Day Racing program, with longer races as a chance to

stretch the legs, and short courses to test boat handling, there is something for everyone.


Yachts with an OMR rating may choose to race with a serious approach to their on-water time, PHS will also be on

offer, or multis may wish to cruise in company as part of the 4-day program of activities.




Warning Signal/Time

Friday 16/03/2018

Compulsory Competitors Briefing (req. 2 crew

1300 – 1330


representatives from each yacht)






R1 Twilight Short Passage Race around local Manly Islands






Casual Cocktail Presentation








Saturday 17/03/2018

R2 Round the Cans Race – OMR Division Only 1000



R3 Passage Race to Canaipa, Russell Island Preceding R2



Dinner at RQYS Canaipa and Daily Presentation Preceding R3 (note the club will provide transportation for gear)








Sunday 18/03/2018

Breakfast at RQYS Canaipa

0730 - 0830


R4 Long Passage Race from Potts Point



Band at RQYS Main Clubhouse and Daily Presentation








Monday 19/03/2018

R5 Short “Corners” Passage Race



BBQ Lunch and Closing Presentation







The NOR is at:


The Entry form is at:


RQYS also has a facebook page for the event:


Please let me know if you have any questions.


If you plan to enter, get your entry in fast, more numbers will build momentum and the success of the event.






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Great concept and great that Mike has thrown his initiative and support behind this regatta. Beautiful part of the bay (just had a great Surf to City down there).

Just have to jiggle a few commitments around to get there.


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Pushing hard to get a fleet of cruising cats, mainly, but not only, seawinds, there as well.  So don't think you need a race boat to have fun

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Good luck with it.

It might even be a bit of a B2G feeder. Wasn’t there going to be another nationals event around that time. Combined with your Muiltihull Regatta, perhaps.

Anyways, I was just gonna say I’m still in shock, after hanging around Manly (Qld) for a few days, at the sheer number of multis especially tris (mainly folding) in and out of the water you people have up there. 

And what great facilities. And what an awesome body of water. (And how crap it is seeing so many beautiful multis baking away, uncovered, in the intense sun not getting used. Eg The still very gorgeous Trilogy, Pulses and many, many more. A travesty.)

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Invitation accepted Mike. A great initiative by you and the two clubs. 

Assembling the crew and clearing the schedule as we speak. The F22 will be trundling down from the northern end of the bay. :P

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