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Aye mateys-

A few items, I am hoping to collect some feedback from folks who have sailed the Melges 17, it looks like a lot of fun/great boat and has the classic Scow shape (which I have been told is best suited/limited to low wake lakes).

* can it be single handed on a regular, 90% basis - or is this boat truly a 2 person boat (?)

* how is it "different" than the VX Evo, what looks to also be an awesome boat.  The Evo looks great for a heavier single hander like myself.

I plan to demo the Evo soon, just wanted some comparative insight on the Melges 17 from those in the know.  Link is here: https://www.melges.com/boat.php?p=pages/boats/m17&SID=dv3f5qni1agna8rpmhqkqpjvm7

Thank you in advance,


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