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New Trimaran; looking for crew while learning it

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I live and sail in Benicia CA on the Carquinez Straits which is near San Francisco Bay and half way to the delta.  My normal crew from racing years past have all moved or gotten out of sailing so I'm looking for someone-preferably close-to help me.  I've sailed trimarans now for 20+ years, so I am experienced, but it never hurts to have someone to help when things go awry.  I probably won't race much (been there, done that, got the tshirt) but might do one or two events.  Boat is a small tri (SeaRail 19) so one crew is all that's needed.  Carquinez has lots of current and lots of wind most of the time.  I expect to see 20 kt boatspeed so should be exciting.  Contact me by email if you want to check that "multihull experience" box.

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