Taffeta Repair - Exposed fibers in composite sail

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I have a few spots (1-2 mm) where the taffeta is worn and the fiber (black technora) is exposted. 

There's about 20+ of those across the entire mainsail, not all in chafe areas which makes me wonder if it could be UV degradation of the Taffeta (The taffeta has overall discolored a bit).

This sail is Filmless, Black Technora, double taffeta. 1 year old, sailed 3,000NM, still great shape and looks as good as new save for these millimetric points. 

I'm preparing some spreader patches (searching the best material) and wonder if I should patch up each area of exposed fiber.

Any insight would be much appreciated. 


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That' what we did.  Worked great for about four outings, until they started to unstick and we ran out of it.  Then we ran out of duct tape when the whole thing started to fail in the middle of the second windward leg. UV degradation comes in lots of ways, along with glue getting tired. You may be able to get another season or (gently) more, but it is starting to look like new sail time. Our sail looked good generally and held its shape too, until the whole thing blew apart in that last race.

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Culprit: Lazyjack lazyness. 

Today no wind so I hoisted the main and things are better than it seemed. The sail is in good condition, the friction is due to chafe on the lazyjacks. My bad for not taking them to the mast every time.  I do sometimes but will be more mindful of this. 

The damage is limited and the sailmaker is sending me insignia so I can make spreader tapes and cover this area.

Having said this, I'm thinking of making new lazyjacks with 3/4" dyneema, and replace the steel rings with just running the dyneema through a loop. PROS: less chafe and no rings banging on mast when sailing. CONS: the loop means a bit more friction than using low friction rings. I'll do some research and decide this week. The topic is well covered on this forum!!

Here pics of the sail.

Thanks for the great feedback, appreciated it!




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Dr. Sail and laminate cloth that your sailmaker can supply from thier scrap pile. Clean the area, spread the Dr. Sail, and lay the laminate on top. All will set in 22 seconds, and ready to go sailing?! 

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