Esse 850 thought someone might be interested

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Saw this one on Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage website and think it’s worth putting out here. If it were east coast it would be mine.



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11 hours ago, Sisu3360 said:

How much is a keel for one of those gonna run you?

Probably 10 boat units.  Rudder looks la bit suspect and they were not built well in the first place - maybe another 5 boat units.  Rig looks like it might be salvageable - another 5 boat units to fix (or 20-25 bu to replace).  Engine - either toast or at minimum 2-3 boat units to fix.  Electrical - another couple of boat units.  Cosmetics and keel well fix - just a guess - 5-10 boat units.


So about minimum 30k to fix - new one with all the options like this one looks like it had - about 100K

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