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2018 Fishing Thread

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On 3/5/2018 at 6:15 AM, Uncooperative Tom said:

We bought a cool fishing boat and have mostly been using it as a platform from which to not catch fish.

That tradition more or less continued yesterday. A trout that was too small. Some mangrove snappers that were too small. A redfish that was too small. Just one small snook away from a Teeny Inshore Slam. But at least I finally got to put the boat away properly.

The boat is a Twin Vee 22 and it's about 7 years old but lived its life indoors under the care of a very meticulous owner. When we bought it in January, we  ordered a Boatport for it. And, well, it's Florida, so installation was promptly completed last week. A couple of weeks (read: ten) to get me the engineered drawings, 6-8 weeks (read: 8) to get a permit from the county, a couple of weeks for the concrete pad, and 6-8 more (turned out to be 5!) to install the building.


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