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Hi  All

    HIRW  has changed the costs of entry to Trailer Sailers so all Trailer Sailers pay  the same entry fee which means the Trailer Sailers and Sportsboats over  8 mts pay the 8 Mtr fee  of  $275.  12 Days on Hammo  for  $275, great value.


The Long and the Short of Hamilton Island Race Week


As the list of entries for Hamilton Island Race Week climbs steadily towards one hundred, the remarkable diversity of the fleet is becoming increasingly apparent.


Apart from three 30-metre supermaxis, the current list of entries also includes a widely varying fleet of 12 multihulls, but it’s the trailable yachts that might see record numbers this year due to a more equitable entry fee structure. Regatta organisers have changed the system so owners of the larger trailables, like the Magnum, Clubman and Beale designs, pay the same amount as owners of smaller yachts.



·         Hamilton Island Race Week 2017:  The large and the small head away from a yacht club start.

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