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10 Year Treasury Rates "Everything" makes it go UP ..Why

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I'm doing a Non Owner Occupied ReFi and tho locked if rates tumbled I could move down

But News of Everything/Anything sends Stocks and Interest rates Higher WTF

BlubberBoy are You working the Market ???

rates dipped an immeasurable amount when TRUMP said Missles On the Way

Then Climbed after he pulled back

Then He actually Did what he 1st said he would do .. "After the Market Closed"

Now watch for Stocks and Interest to Climb on Monday Reguardless of anything that might happen yet Today 

Those from PA please post another thread there rather than turning this into PA speak

I would just like to hear from those who work in the field on the subject on Interest Rates



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Rates are going up - it's what happens when inflation goes up and gigantic deficits make inflation go up.

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