Bullshit that's a non-partisan post!  Nor is it even slightly an "objective" interpretation of our current situation.  An objective interpretation of our current situation would look at why people are snapping and deciding to go on killing sprees on a routine basis.  We didn't have this shit 25 years ago except on an extremely rare occasion, yet guns were just as plentiful then and gun laws were FAR more lax and access to guns was FAR FAR easier.   An objective view of our current situation would look first at what has changed and lament and focus on those things.  There is nothing about any current "interpretations" of a 200 year old amendment has done anything to change the access to gunz.  No SCOTUS ruling has made gunz easier to get.  Gunz are FAR harder to buy legally NOW than they were when I bought my first AR-15 in 1984.   Look instead to the breakdown in social norms that once frowned on violence but now glorifies it.  Look to the breakdown in social norms that once discouraged interpersonal conflict but now encourages and even celebrates it now.  I'm sorry but the root cause, yet again, is not gunz or other toolz .  It is a breakdown in society and our little liberal dystopian experiment in "anything goes", no one has any personal responsibility for their actions, its always someone else's fault, everyone gets a trophy for fogging a mirror, and all conflicts must be resolved with violence because that what we see on TV and movies and music and CNN all day and every day has come back to bite us in the ass.   So congrats..... gunz are not to blame here because we've always had gunz in our society and they were not a problem in our recent past.  What has changed is society is fucked and people are getting fucked daily and finding various ways to cope.  Huge numbers of people are killing themselves with Opioids, others put a gun in their mouth or a rope around their neck and check out, others are killing other people for the fun of it.  All of those things have a root cause in a decayed and failing society.  Gunz are not causing that. [/rant]