Experienced racing crew for Antigua Sailing Week

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Just arrived in Antigua, and looking to race as crew. 

Quick experience summary: 11 years of sailing, 2 transatlantics, 120+ races as a skipper, PRO, Regatta Chairman, Fleet Captain, Austin Yacht Club's MoonBurn series creator.

Last 6 years highlights:  Worked on super yachts in '12-'13. J24 Texas circuit crew in '14-15. Won AYC's 2016 MoonBurn Series and 2017 Single Handed Regatta. 

Here's my racing CV (incl references): https://www.dropbox.com/s/owj1mzq2m4e8m00/James-Parsons-Racing CV.docx?dl=0

I race my own 26' boat in Texas. Can do most any position (incl foredeck), as I trade roles with my crew to stay fresh.

Won't clash and cause there to be too many cooks in the kitchen and....can tie bowlines with my feet if the wind dies and we get bored. :-) 

After Antigua I'm heading to the BVI's to help with hurricane rebuilding. Can help with a delivery that direction. Can be tempted to sail away after a few weeks in the BVI's. 

I've got all my gear with me (gloves, life jacket, harness, shoes, VHF, etc).

I'm 26 with 11 years experience (26 Apr is my 38th bday). 

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