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Keel rebedding - Beneteau F235

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Hi there,

I've been trying to restore an F235, something of a fool's errand. The current task is to fix the keel. There was standing water in the boat, previous owner. The boat has a crack along the keel-hull interface - see attached pics. 

I have not floated the boat - I do not know if water leaks into the hull? 

Do you have any thoughts on how best to proceed?

1 - hire a marina to re-bed the keel? Any thoughts on how much this will cost?

2 - don't worry about it and go sailing? 


thanks for the input 






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I see screw jacks on the trailer. Maybe friends have additional boat stands. 

I wouid crank the boat up so

 the keel is an inch off the trailer  and loosen the keel nuts. 

If the keel eases down a bit...

clean the old sealants off  everything and revel the keel in proper sealants...

if the above is an inadequate explanation, Ask your fellow local boat owners who they would most trust to do the job. 



if the keel does not ease down from the hull ... it is more complicated


 If the keel eases down but all those cracks are in the hull rather than between the keel and hull....    


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