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NEMA Errors, B&G 508 Wind Sensor

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So we just launched the boat yesterday for the season.  I "upgraded" from old Signet to the B&G Triton system 2 years ago (3 displays, triducer, wind sensor, and compass from KVH via Actisence).  

Its great when it works.  Unfortunately it has been rife with issues since I purchased.  To start, the first wind sensor, which was replaced under warranty, was full of water before the end of the first season.

So this year I get a 7" Vulcan and I'm excited to play with it.  After we motor over to the slip I hook up all the wiring for the NEMA network, mast lights, etc. and power up the bus.  There is no data whatsoever on the Triton displays.  I check sources and there is nothing there either. I run diagnostics and there or hundreds of Rx and Tx errors.  I get heading intermittently and the Bus "on"/"off" is going back and forth between being on and off.  The Actisense is also showing light indication of network issues.

I decided to start running a process of elimination and start buy disconnecting the wind sensor and plugging in a terminator.  Problem solved.  Great, I just Fing launched and have to deal with a problem 50 F'ing feet in the air and the damn cable that runs between.

Any suggestions on what this could be?   Any other trouble shooting?

I'm not holding my breath with B&G customer service.  I few weeks ago when I was trying to get a part number so I could give them more of my friggin money it took 3 weeks before they called me back.  

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Looking back that is quite the rant.  I finally got through to B&G and they are sending new unit.  

It is still very disappointing that my current rate is one sensor per season.  Hopefully the third time is the charm.  I also hope that it is in fact the sensor and not the cable.

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