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In a bid to offset Steam Flyer's latest WTF? with his boat, and my own WTF? issues with this current boat, I present to you a success story (wewt)!


Issue: I cut the (badly decayed) leads to the 1982 Nissan 9.9 HP outboard on my 4ksb when I bought it, because a) they were badly decayed, and b) "I'm fit -- I'll never need electric start on an outboard."

Corollary issue: tore the crap out of my back 8 weeks ago, and could really use that electric starter. . .


Fix: Got some 6-gauge cable, some 6-gauge butt splice connectors, terminals and adhesive heat shrink tubing.  Got 'er all wired up Saturday, hit the key and Voila!, the fucker fired right up.  It's nice when something goes right!

Makes up for the forestay I had to fix, and the composted transom I had to re-core. . .

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