Sailing anywhere between Perpignan and Montpelier

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We're heading over to the South West France - but Med side not Atlantic - at end of this month and we've never been in this area before.

Has anyone done any dinghy or small cat sailing around there?

Anyone know anywhere we could hire small dinghies/cats?

We currently sail a Spitfire cat with my wife but we also happily sail usual small holiday hire dinghies and would be nice if we can find some.

We only technically have RYA 1 so that might cause a problem for some renters although we hired a Laser 2000 with no problem in Menorca last year which was lovely.

We're looking down their potentially for the longer term to retire and have small boat sailing nearby.

Any thoughts or advice gratefully received.

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Lots of sailing in Sète, Port Leucate, Etang de Thau... but most boat for hire (location de bateaux) firms seem to focus on bigger cruisers. Several have websites in English.  You may be more likely to find dinghies to rent at a sailing school (école de voile) or sailing club (cercle de voile).  They often seem oriented towards providing lessons that you don't seem to need, but perhaps they wouldn't mind you signing up for a lesson and then not actually taking it.  You could also ask around and find an outfit  whose classes aren't full and therefore has boats available that they'd consider letting you rent out. The Syndicat d'Initiative (Chamber of Commerce/Tourism) in any port should be able to point you in the right direction once you're in the area. Many of the boat rental firms offer boats (though not sailboats) that they say don't require permits, so having RYA1 sounds like it would be a plus, not a problem.  Bon vent!     

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thanks very much - that is helpful. we'll ask the  airbnb guys we're using as well. just hoping to get on the water where it is vaguely warm and flat....

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