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2018 Delta Ditch Run: video clips, some pics

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Video clips and images are from the Benicia Point Pier. 

130 boats registered.  Light air and high temperatures produced a handful of finishers.


Extreme40 Shadow X - far shore

Extreme40 Shadow X - on port


Extreme40 SmartRecruiters - far shore



Extreme40 SmartRecruiters - on port


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F-18 Capricorn usa 5150 with some speed.  Nice sailing.  These guys almost finished by Sunday 1:00 am Time Limit. The boat registered with the name


F-18 - far shore



F-18 on port




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2018 Delta Ditch Run pictures are in a Flickr Gallery.  Most of the images are monohulls.


F-18 Nacra Infusion 



F-18 Infusion with some landscape




F-22 Greyhound with spinnaker for the 1st time this season in the heat shimmer.  Let's also add heat simmer.  The phone said 96 F on the pier.



Corsair F-31R Water Wings migrated from Klamath Lake(?) Oregon to the Bay Area



Corsair 28-CC #260 from Colorado enjoying the ride.  Registered as a Non-Spin.  Nice floats, no flanges?



Winning monohull in the Cruising Division.  This is an OK+ way to go up river.



Delta sunset, watching boats motor to Stockton, looking for small catamarans paddling









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