Nexus NX2 intermittent GPS

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Last winter i replaced the Nexus GPS antenna with a B&G zg100. The Nexus server has been communicating with the NMEA2000 network without a hitch through the GND10 before so i thought the GPS antenna is just a question of plug and play. However, the information on the GPS navigator display has since then become intermittent. One moment everything works great, i get waypoint bearing and distance from the chart plotter and COG & SOG from the ZG100, and just a moment later COG shows whatever and SOG is replaced by three dashes. Meanwhile the NX2 multi instrument seems to show correct position, heading & SOG (all from the ZG100). I checked all cable connections but everything seems ok and the GPS navigator display is the only part of the system that seems to be affected.

Any suggestions what to try next?

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I suspect the issue is that you have two GPS units on your network, the ZG100 and a plotter. The issue is the GND10 doesn’t have the capabilities to do source selection for multiple sources.

I suggest you first make sure you have set up your GND10 for the correct sources and where your data is coming from, either Nexus Network/bus or NMEA 2000. If you forgot how, here is a good reference:

Then turn on your plotter first and then the GND10 and finally the ZG100. The GND10 should choose the NMEA 2000 plotter as the position and navigation source.


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