Simrad RS35/HS35 VHF Issue

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I googled and couldn't find a solution to my issue.

For some reason, my remote handheld unit (HS35) wont pair with my VHF (RS35).  It was working fine when i bought it worked for about 3 years, but last year it kept losing its pairing and this year, it wont pair.  The VHF unit seems to recognize the handheld and claims it has been paired.  The handheld seems to acknowledge that it paired by changing its status from SEARCHING....  to CONNECTING....    but, it just stays in CONNECTING status and never actually connects.

Has anyone had any issues with this gear before?  I am thinking of buying a new handheld, but it would suck if the issue is actually with the VHF unit and not the remote unit.  Any thoughts or ideas?

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I have sort of, and just turn off the vhf unit and back on. That usually solves the issue. 

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