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2018 DAGO BeerCans Race # 06/10 Photoz Posted - Round the Turn and Into the Stretch

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Soldiers of Fortune racing BeerCans ............. Must be DAGO (Kan't bring yer 2nd game and hang in thees partz)







You gutta know how to get the proper Twist (Again like we did last Summer)






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after seeing the 'new' Anarchy on the front page, I wondered how much it costs to get a new boat for SD beercan:


so I looked for FT10 rebuild costs - found some on SA from last year:


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Its worth single figures 5-6k

2nd hand alloy boom with rigging $1k

2nd hand set of sails $5k

New sails $17k

Rudder $3k

Bottom job $3k

That's still 35k on the cheap end with an alloy boom! Albeit with shiny bottom & sails.

---now compare that to current, ready to sail prices of $35-44K, and Scot got a nice deal given the sweat equity he put into it. And the fleet now has another viable race boat!

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