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Parker Dawson Poacher Centerboard Hull Repair

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Hi all,


I purchased an old '82 Parker Dawson Poacher 22 two years ago with the intention of fixing it up with my father. Well, life got in the way, and and the boat has been sitting tarped over since. I'm spear heading into the project this summer though. If you're unfamiliar with the boat, here is a link to some basic information: It's just over 21 feet long with an unstayed cat ketch rig, and a retractable centerboard. 


So anyway, the retractable centerboard seems like a blessing and a curse. It's great in that the boat has a super shallow draft and is easily trailerable, but since the center board is swinging in the cabin on a winch, it has the opportunity to bang up and damage the trunk. I think that even when lowered, and the boat is run aground, that the centerboard can twist inside the trunk. And it seems that's exactly what happened. The previous owner must have run it aground a few too many times. You can see in the pictures below, that the intersection of the trunk and the hull has holes pierced through it, one towards the bow which seems packed with pebbles and sand, and another towards the stern where you can see a wet balsa core. Unfortunately, the boat has been out of the water for at least two years now, but still has a visibly wet core. This sounds pretty bad to me. I guess I'll have to sand the bottom paint off first to see how bad of a shape the gelcoat in this area is. I couldn't feel any give when I was pressing on the area though so there may not be any delamination?


I read the West Systems fiberglass repair manual posted in the sticky above and was going to proceed with the pegboard hole drying method. Do you think this will be good enough or will I have to cut larger patches to see if core replacement is necessary? If afraid this if it's still this wet, there may be a lot of rot in there. Is there a way that I could reinforce this area better as well?


Once this is fixed I'd love to install some way to clamp the centerboard down when it's lowered, as well as a way to keep it from banging around in the trunk when it's fully retracted. This boat will be trailered whenever we want to use it as we have plenty of boat launches in the area. Below is an shot of the centerboard and trunk from within the cabin (not from my boat, but a Poacher). 


Here is an imgur album with the images:


I apologize for the novel. Any and all help and insights will be greatly appreciated!






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