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Neighbor Dreaming of Selling his Ummmmm boat

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1976 North-West 21'

sitting on a UNstructuraly sound (read Rotted) trailer

pretty much all wore out in every respect before being

Left to sit on a Ball years ago awaiting funds to make worthy to be seen on (was it when New ?)

Sank 4 years ago and was cleared from the area & put on a derelict trailer (same one)

1 banger D-$ail ran after, but has been froze 3+ years

did anyone mention it SUNK :-O

yes he is trying to "SELL" it

I can't see a reputable Viking giving it a funeralĀ 

But the Good News = its behind a tall fence

I can put anyone looking for such a CLASIC CRUISER in touch with owner

Says if I buy an Ad he will reimburse from proceedsĀ 

but I figure that would increase the sales price to an amount still Less than an Ad

Sorry, No fucking whey am I gunn point my kit at that for a pic

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