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B&G H2000 Backlight Problem w/ Expedition

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Throughout the off-season, I worked to install a computer running Expedition on a boat with a slightly cobbled B&G H2000 system. Everything has been working, until we noticed a few problems during the delivery to Port Huron. 

The boat has an H2000 processor and performance processor, with a wireless connection to the computer via a Moxa Nport serial to ethernet converter. The displays are 4 x 20/20's, 2 x H2000 NMEA FFD, and one H3000 GFD.

The H3000 display has been freezing when receiving waypoint data and targets from Expedition. It has always frozen occasionally while receiving waypoint data from the Garmin chartplotter.

The more recent problem is that the instrument backlight shuts off at random intervals, and must be turned back on by pressing one of the power/light buttons. Sometimes it shuts off after a minute, and sometimes up to an hour. Of course, this is bound to happen in the worst conditions during the race.

Has anyone experienced any of this? I kept the computer after getting off at the first stop, and it sounds like they had no more trouble with the freezing or lights while Expedition was not connected.

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It sounds like your Fastnet traffic is being corrupted. You have seven displays and two processors on the Fastnet bus. What else?

Where is the n port connected, to a nmea ffd or to the Fastnet bus? How does wireless work, by running the nport software on a pc through an access point on the Ethernet?

Check your Fastnet wiring very carefully. Ensure your stubs are minimal length. Make sure you have exactly two terminator resistors.

Does your system have the latest firmware? Can you borrow another h3000 gfd for testing?

Talk to Nick for other thoughts.

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Aside from the computer, the only device connected to the B&G is the Garmin GPSMap chartplotter. 

The Nport is connected to the B&G performance processor with a serial cable. This is wired to a wifi router with an ethernet cable. The Garmin is connected through one of it's NMEA ports through the second serial port on the Moxa. RTS/CTS seems to be working properly. Each device is treated by the PC as it's own COM port over wifi, using Moxa drivers.

The Fastnet system seems fine, and everything works when the computer is not connected. There are two terminators. The H2000 system has the latest firmware, but I am not sure if the H3000 GFD has had any updates.

This seems like a problem with data overload, particularly with the H3000 display being used on an older system. I can't confirm, but I have a feeling the lights are shutting off at the moment the H3000 GFD freezes. I will turn off tags and reduce Expedition channels when I get back to the boat. I probably cannot borrow another display or update this one before the race.

Thanks for the insight!

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