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Removing 2 part Poly spots from non-skid.

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I've got some spots of 2 part poly (Perfection) on my deck from stepping in wet paint and walking on the deck. What solvent should I use to dissolve it? Perfection solvent does not dissolve it.
I tried a Scotchbrite pad to remove most of it but still some residue. The paint has been dry for about 3 months.

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Unfortunately anything that dissolves the paint will probably destroy the deck laminate as well, assume it is gelcoat? You could try putting a rag over it soaked in acetone, leave it for about 5 mins, if it is hot and windy put a piece of plastic over it to minimize evaporation, this might cause some of the paint to start blistering or peeling off the underlying gel or paint as the surface obviously was not prepped before it got paint messed on it. You might have to use a sharp blade to remove the paint. If you leave the acetone on too long you could damage the original finish. The problem with older boats is that the finish is often slightly oxidized which makes it a lot easier for accidental spills to get a decent mechanical bond.

good luck.

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You are sooooooo screwed!! 

Sorry! I thought starting with the truth would be best.

The Perfection landed on the non-skid Nd did some or all of the following 

1. It landed on loose dirt 

2. It landed on well oxidized gelcoat

3. It landed on good clean hard gelcoat 

4. It soaked into old porous gelcoat 


1 and  2 can be fixed easily .  Your description indicates you already did  solve those spots 

3. The perfection is mighty good at adhering to others stuff . But... with lunch you might scratch and tediously scrape the Perfection off the good hard gelcoat. 

Nitr: Perfection  is considerably harder than gelcoat so you must be careful not to do too much scratching and gouging. 

4. Maybe you can find some paint that is the same color as your non skid and you can smear some of it over those areas.  If whatever might remove the perfection from your porous gelcoat is a foe, Perfection soaked into your gelcoat is more durable and resistant  to every foe than gelcoat. 



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