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49er old rig problems

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i am trying to put together an old 49er with an old rig.  I am having big problems setting up the boat.  

we are trying to get these as base rig settings to sail in wind under 10 and understand that the following settings are a good starting point measured with a loos gauge

caps .......   17

primary ...  30

lowers ....   allow just a slight bend in the lower mast

The boat has Sta Masters on the primary/cap chainplate  we are using the hiking lines attached to the boat breaker to tension the rig.

Our concerns & questions...

1) Are our base setting correct?

2) When we get the primary tension to 30, the caps are in the low teens even when in the lowest hole in the adjuster.  We have never seen the boat assembled, and we are thinking that the only way this is possible is that the caps are too short.  Does this theory hold water?

3) We found damage in the carbon mast where it meets the metal mast, can this be caused by tensioning the rig with the caps loose?

Any thoughts or advice on this would be greatly appreciated




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you should post this in DA, you'll get more people who know the 49er. All i know from the few times i sailed the old rig 49er was that it was somewhat unnerving putting the tension on. 

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