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Houdini super 50 hatch glass reseal?

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      Anyone have good/bad experience with trying to re-seal Houdini super 50s? These are pretty common on (British?) boats of a certain age. The seal around the glass is cracked and leaking on both of mine (foredeck & cabin).

 Replacements are available- either original or substitute. Prices around £300-£350 each, and Houdini say on their website that the glass seal isn't repairable ("...if the leak is between the glass and the frame, this seal cannot be replaced as the glass is sprung into the frame during the manufacturing process."). I've been told that it is, in fact,  possible but it looks like it's pretty challenging to dismantle and rebuild the hatch (presumably why Houdini say no).

 There's a video on youtube that shows the glass being re-sealed. No info on dismantling and/or reinstallation. Even the re-sealing looks pretty hard work, TBH, but I'd prefer not to throw away the old ones and spend a fair bit of money on replacements if the difficulty of the job is being overstated. How hard is it to separate the hatch part from the frame?




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Pics would help.

Can't you just remove the lens and rebed & reseal it with Dow 795?

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