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Help me find some sails for my "new" Spindrift 13

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In my quest for a larger boat, I came across a free "15' sailboat" in Craigslist; complete,  bad sails, but owner wanted to keep the trailer. I couldn't resist, so I unloaded my Widgeon off its trailer and off I went, 90 minutes away.
We made it home just fine and I cleaned her up with a pressure wash. It's a Vandestadt & McGruer Spindrift 13, made in Canada. 
Standing rigging's in good shape. All hardware is there for the mast/boom. I'll need to replace all blocks, running rigging, and rebuild the rudder; all "fun" stuff. And of course, shine up that teak!
The guy I got it from rescued it from a neighbor's yard, where it sat neglected for years. Amongst the leaves and debris, it even had a few trees growing in it. Which explains the condition of the sails..... I was hoping I could save them, but they're not just dirty. There are some holes, and the lower 1/4 of the main is dry rotted enough for me to rip the fabric by hand. There are some tree roots embedded in the stitching.
I'm looking for a used set, but having trouble finding anything close. I thought I saw that the 420 main was a similar size, but I can't find the dimensions on those either. (Even in the class rules, it only gives dimensions for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 width measurements of the sail, not the foot. Correct me if I'm wrong....
I found who made the original sails. I'm awaiting a response from them. Genco Sails, in Toronto.
My sails:
Luff (P): 188" (15.6')
Foot (E): 87" (7.25')
Leech: 206" (17')
Max Luff: 150"
J (between tack and mast): 48"
Foot: 64.5"
I was even thinking of making a set from tyvek, just to see if I could do it. Lots of "voodoo" out there with sailmaking; I'd like to say I'm in the know.
Purchasing a new custom set of sails would put me instantly "under water" in regards to the boat's total value. I'm not in this to turn a profit, but still......
Any ideas on how to proceed here?






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