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J105 big asymetric

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Hi everybody!


last weekend we did our first race in our J105. We race in RI. We were lucky to win the two races agaist 25 boats and we are so happy, but also have seen we can inprove a lot and I have some questions that I would like to know your opinion.


it is better to sail with a bigger asymetric? Does anybody know wich are the best measurements? We normaly sail windward/leeward.

is it a bood option use a spinaker pool and a symmetric spinnaker?


what about code zero? I have a code zero and a code two with 67 meters and 54. The boat goes really fast when I use that sails but the question is. The extensible pool is strong enough or is better to do a new bowsprit for that?


also would like to know i the asymetric from j109 will work on a J105. Mine has a masthead halyard.


thanks to everybody!


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I had 5 or 6 large ones, hoisted from the top. Optimum size is around 105 for a Runner. With old style shape you go larger but the kite gets to heavy in the real light air. I also have top hoisted reachers at 80 m2 and Codes from 55 and up to 75.

The boat is generally underpowered and can take a lot more sails on a reach compared to modern High Aspect Ratio designs. 

You can use a bobstay for the pole. 

A 42m2 sized genoa is a killer on a J105. Just a tad lower but targets well over 7 knots. 

An A2 for 109 measures 16.75 cm relative to 16.15 on the J105 so it could work dead down in light air. LIttle bit the same effect as when you loose the tackline. 

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24 minutes ago, Stiffler's Mom said:

110 sq/m was used widely in PHRF in the past.

+1. Was the standard for the Lake Michigan J/105 fleet for the first couple of years (mid/late 90's?), along with a big overlapping genoa, before they re-adopted the national class rules.

The 110sqm chute is still shown in J/Boats PHRF table too, evidently worth 9 secs/nm

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