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October is Crew Appreciation Month – The Best Crew deal is back….

They show up on time, give it their all and rarely complain. You have had a great year on the water and want to reward your team at the year end party or maybe for your upcoming regatta but don’t want to shell out $50+ for a premium tech tee.  We are here to solve that for you at less than ½ that price INCLUDING YOUR LOGO.  

For a limited time you can get the UPF 50+ Pro-Tech in long or short sleeve for under $25 and we’ll even create or recreate your artwork for you for FREE.  Just use coupon code BEST CREW at checkout and save more than 60% off the best shirt in the water sports industry when you order eight shirts or more.  

Use coupon code BEST CREW 25 and save 25% of five-seven shirts. Click here for graphic ideas on shirts we have created for some of our clients.  Call TOLL FREE with questions 1-888-379-7447 ext 2 or +1 (562) 773-0552 International or email info@dryshirt.com

Photo thanks to Bronny Daniels and Jim Devling, owner of the Rogers 46 Carbon Footprint.


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Lots of fun new designs are now in process from folks taking advantage of the deal yesterday and today.  To clarify:

We will create original artwork for FREE if you need us to (Limit three hours of art time).  Including a left chest print the UPF 50+ Pro-Tech in long or short sleeve are under $25.  You can add a sleeve print for $5ea and/or a large format back print for $7ea. Here are a few examples of artwork for you to consider: CLICK HERE






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