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Available to race, return, cruise, or delivery May-December. 

Work history-

November 2017 I double handed a catamaran from New Caledonia to Brisbane Australia 

July 2018 I helped crew a Cal 40 from Hawaii to San Francisco. 

2018-Double handed Beneteau from Toronto to New York through the Erie Canal. 

I have letters of recommendation from each boat I have worked on and will provide this upon request. 

Safety is always a priority with me, I provide my own gear, top of the line life vest, tethers, MOB beacon, sailing knife, headlamp, foul weather gear, etc. 

I'm very good with technology, never late for a shift, quick study, I also make a great banana bread and a mean pot of chili- 

I was a swimmer into college, and coached competitive swimming for over 10 yrs. 
Last 15 years I compete and coach rowing. 

During the summer/fall I sail and race with my local club.

I'm active but I can enjoy lazy days reading, napping, watching movies and baking brownies.


FishingRiff Rider Cindy.JPG


HelmRiff Rider Cindy.jpg

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