That Craigslist F-31 is most certainly a scam. If you look closely you  can see the doc number routed into a board  on the bunk/seat front just ahead of the companionway. The ad has new copy and far fewer photos than one that was running a few months ago. It struck me odd at the time that the copy went to great lengths about the stereo and electronic gear on the boat yet said almost nothing about the sails. I did a CG search for the DOC number and got a name and address and within 5 minutes was talking on the phone with the guy who really owned it and he was really embarrassed that his inattention in listing the boat via POP or some other legitimate web broker enabled the Craigs list scammer to use his photos and even a survey to set up the scam ad. He was well up toward 6 figures and the boat was pretty fairly priced I thought. He was a web/website type guy himself  and that just made it worse for him that he had gotten screwed over by the scammer. I played the scam seller along for a while and it was the usual thing where they won't tell you where the boat actually is at the moment and you can't just go and inspect it personally because it is already at a shipping company shrink wrapped/crated up for free shipping to your location as soon as your funds arrive. You have 7 days to inspect, sea trial or whatever and if you are not 100% satisfied you can refuse and get your money back because it in in some sort of 'escrow' account such as Ebay Motors, yeah right?