Melges 24 Furler/Forestay Rigging

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Hi Everyone,

My brother and I continue to having fun getting our Melges 24 (USA041) ready. This forum has been very helpful in the past, so figured I would give it another shot.

We are rigging up our Jib, we purchased a new forestay (old style) from Melges and we have the Harken furler drum. From reading the manual (Devoti) we understand that:

1. Jib should go clockwise around the forestay.

2. Furler line (in the drum) should go the counterclockwise.

Where we are a bit confused is that the forestay has two small wire blocks (picture attached), any insight on rigging this line? I have attached a second picture from another Melges but again the manual is unclear on what this line is actually doing/used for.





Thanks in advance for any insight.



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What they are talking about is how the jib should be wrapped around. If you go clockwise on the furl you will not suck the lazy sheet in the furler as the jib comes in thus you would need to wrap your line counter clockwise on the drum its self. Those blocks on the head stay are for your job cunningham. 

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The line:  there are different systems out there, but the line is your jib cunningham (or, "smart pig", as one of my crew calls it).   Typically there will be a line sewn into the tack of the jib.  The line goes from the jib:

-down to the one if your forestay blocks
-back up to a block on the jib itself
-back down to the other forestay block
-back up to a jammer/cleat on the jib

Sometimes its a little different but basically, you run up and down to get a 3 or 4:1 purchase then cleat it off.

On the furling direction, spillinmyrum is spot on but let me add a caveat (and opp to learn from my mistake).

To furl clockwise (facing down), your furling line needs to be on the starboard side of your bulkhead in the furling well (Ive seen them on both sides).  If yours happens to be on the port side, furling clockwise means your line takes a sharp turn.

And this is the big one:  look at the direction of the wind of the forestay wire - when you are furling, the twisting of the furler should be "tightening" the wind of the wire, if that makes sense - if furling is "unwinding" the wire, you can birdcage the forestay in big wind by pulling hard on the furler to when you can't get the jib in, ruining it.

Had this happen twice our first season with the boat before realizing that I was installing the forestays upside down for my setup, so the twist was going the wrong way.

So I guess to summarize:

-you want your furler well lead on the starboard side
-you want your forestay set up so furling "winds" the forestay twist
-you want to furl clockwise (facing down)




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Thanks, haven't thought about the unwinding of the cable. I'll have to check ours. 

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Check the jib halyard part too. We go through them quick when we wind on lots of turns on the rig. 

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