BVI what's open/closed 2019

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Cruising BVI, had some disappointments on spots I expected to have reopened.

Is there a list somewhere of what open, closed? 

Alternatively, what's the knowledge in this group...?

Saba / Bitter end /Biras Creek are gone/closed.

Leverick bay is open and looking great.

Restaurants in Cooper, Manchioneel bay are open and gorgeous as ever.

Willy T is rocking.


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Pretty much everywhere is rocking and rolling, apart from Virgin Gorda and Trellis Bay to a degree.

The link you shared basically nails it.

Virgin Gorda Details:

  • Baths are still beautiful and a must-see. They just got approved for a big restoration there to update bathrooms/sitting areas/etc.
  • CocoMaya is still one of the best restaurants in the whole BVI. Absolutely epic dinner spot, just don't forget your black Amex to pay for it all.
  • Hog Heaven still has in my opinion the best view in the BVI and some nice BBQ to boot
  • Oil Nut Bay just opened a brand new, beautiful marina just north of the North Sound. Pool, bar, restaurant, shop, etc. Definitely worth checking it out.
  • Saba Rock is rebuilding. Should be open sometime in 2020.
  • Bitter End Yacht Club also rebuilding. Shooting for end of 2019 reopening of the marina/early 2020. Hotel rooms coming later.
  • Sandbox Beach Bar rebuilding. No updates on time frame there.
  • Unsure of the plans for YCCS, Biras Creek and Fat Virgin Cafe.
  • Sunchaser Scuba still delivering epic dive trips with world class service out of BEYC property

What else are you looking for?


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