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175 two handed boats in Auckland

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So tomorrow 175 boats  will race in the SSANZ 50.

We will be there on our 8.5 Cat!!


From our intrepid race director.

Who's got a chance of taking out the #LewmarTripleSeries on Saturday? Lets take a look at each Division for the ones to watch on raceday:

Doyle Sails 1: Wired Racing, Clockwork Racing, Titanium Yacht Racing & Serena - expect some close racing in this division, but they might have some work cut out for them if Wired has a good day on the water!

Doyle Sails 2: Big Kahoona, Motorboat & Legacy Young 11 - Motorboat II will be doing everything they can to take the win, can Big Kahoona and Legacy steal it away?

PIC 1 Keelboat: Playbouy, Hard Labour & Prism - these boats have had some close tough racing, its going to come down to the wire. Psyche II and Crystal Clear are also nipping at the heels of the leaders.

PIC 2 Sportboat: C U Later Yachting, La Clandestine Jet & T-Rex, with C U Later currently on top of the leaderboard the pressure will be on to hold on for the series win!

PIC 3: Multis: This could be anyone's to steal with all boats in the fleet only having one race on the board!

PIC 4 Cruising: Hard one to call, Checkmate III & Tuatahi II will be the ones to keep an eye on, but don't underestimate Bird on a Wing, especially if there is some breeze.

Baltic 1: Smallboat: Cordite & Comfortably Numb - with a 1 & 2 place each this should be a great battle! With Kasmic hot on their heels to keep them honest!

Baltic 3 Mono: Copyright, Arrogant Frog, Aeolian are in the mix, but this could go to a wildcard yet!

Baltic 4: Polaris, John Barleycorn & Starlight are all very close at the top of the leader board.

Baltic Pied Pier: Just watch out for them all, they will be pushing hard to get to the after party!

Baltic Young 88 - Split Decision is looking good but expect some fierce competition with 15 in the fleet!

Thanks to our sponsors #Lewmar - Kiwi Yachting

Disclaimer: The writer's drinking a rum and writing a post, they have not consulted with the wider "SSANZ Brains Trust", that would take way to long, imagine the debate, I probably got this all wrong, but hey go figure! Good luck to everyone Saturday!
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So on Saturday Team Freedom competed in the last 2 handed race of the SSANZ series.

 70 miles long we raced from Auckland to Coromandel and back, it was windy!!

There were 178 boats overall in the race in around 8 different divisions.

We had 9 multihulls (trimarans and catamarans) in our division.

Coen and I worked really hard and managed to get a first equal with White Knight for the series.

This is no mean feat as our boat at 41 years old ( somewhat modified) is one of the oldest in the fleet, but she can still hack it.

The pic attached is us (Freedom) doing around 18 knots down Tamaki passage while Attitude destroys their kite in the background.

Freedom got a great start at the pin along with String Theory and Exodus. Went well all the way down to browns island with Attitude catching fast. 

String theory dropped their kite after Browns Island with us and Attitude fully sending it towards Rocky Bay right in front of Suellen's (Live Sail Die) camera boat. Suellen had just started filming us when the Attitude boys tried to steal our thunder by destroying their kite. 

We carried our kite right down to Rocky bay, then dropped and 2 sailed to Passage islands where we hoisted again a little too early. 

The discussion went - Holy crap we're not laying !! Ok lets try and hang on.........shit shit gust, send, send , not laying, wind eases off suddenly we're laying again. Crap what do we do?????

This is where we discovered that if you duck under big leaners like Titanium etc you can go really high in their wind shadow and then pop out in front and send off until you find the next one, then go really high again. 

Using this technique we manage to lay into Ruth passage. Just !!

Attiude had peeled to their fractional and held it right across to Cow and Calf islands where we went masthead zero then masthead kite, then back to masthead zero.

Lots of position changes here between us, String theory and Exodus with Whio and Lucifer catching fast.

Tacking up Waiheke was a case of trying to find the flattest water we could find and then into Motuihi channel where we swapped tacks with Mr Kite.

With the wind hitting 25 plus knots,  wind against tide and us still holding full main and number 1 it was getting pretty exciting as we blasted through Motuihi channel fully flying a hull at 12 knots upwind. 

We finished off with a bear away and a HUGE send to the finish on a large gust where Coen was yelling " I CANT LET THE MAIN GO ANY MORE" 

A seriously exciting race, which gave us a 1st equal with White knight for the series. I was ruined afterwards.

Thanks SSANZ for an awesome series.

Thanks Suellen and Live Sail Die for an awesome video which we pulled an amazing screenshot off

FB_IMG_1567364093364 (3).jpg

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