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1984 Olson 40

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Just closed on the Screaming O Olson 40, hull #27 up here in Duluth. It’s my second season sailing, my Son has sailed out of Duluth for 10 years and we are hoping some of the O’s crew will continue to sail with us this coming season. The boat is in amazing shape and has been massively upgraded by the previous owner. It is our goal to sail the boat hard this summer and sail the 2021 TransSuperior.

A casual search of the forums shows this boat has favorable reviews by most that have sailed on an Olson and my son and I could not be more excited about our good fortune. My son and I have been sailing our C&C32 reasonably well with just us 2 though my son gets more out of that boat when he is trimming than I do. The Olson is a absolute race horse compared to the C&C and I have a ton to learn, no spinnaker on the C&C, now we have 4...

I am super happy to keep the O here on Superior and if all goes well I hope we can work up to some other Great Lakes off shore races. Just wanted to post here since the O has come up in other threads, she is going to stay local and be well loved and raced hard by a complete amateur and a crew of skilled friends. 

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