Racing style skeleton gimbal stove

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Just bought a Corby 33 with an Origo 3000 alcohol stove in the galley, but want to throw it out and replace it with a gas burner stove instead.

Would like to get one of these gimbaled skeleton racing stoves with 2 or 3 simple "camping" burners , those were you connect the gas/propane bottle directly under the gas burner. Have seen those on different race boats like Farr 40, 1D35 etc. But it seems to be impossible to find were to buy them. Does anyone know who makes these skeleton stoves or are they only custom made by the boat builders?



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Origo 3000: 2 burners. Dimensions (WxHxD): 464 x 137 x 262 mm; dimensions with gimbal (WxHxD): 510 x 228 x 262 mm, weight: 6.3 kg. Two fuel tanks with 1.2 liters each for a burn time of at least 4.5 hours for each burner.


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