J111 v Finn Flyer 36 - IRC racing

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Where do you sail? Average wind range? W/L or distance racing? Have you seen the IRC TCC for a FinnFlyer with similar config?

We've been battling with one of the best prepared/sailed FinnFlyers anywhere, "Zlatan", with a semi-professional crew. So might have some insight into both boats. Also test sailed the FF36 when it was new.

We rate 2.75% higher w the J/111 in OD mode (in local single number system), and are competitive on W/L-courses in most conditions. If you want to compare times, here's a good regatta from last summer. Winds range from 20 kts early on to 8-12 for the last 3 races.

For offshore I wouldn´t hesitate to go with the 111 B)

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