J80 Hall Mast Parts & Pieces

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After an unfortunate crane incident, we are looking for (at a minimum) a set of lower spreaders & crosspiece. If the price is right, might even consider a complete mast if it's in decent condition. Any insight on where we can score these would be greatly appreciated.

Located in Corpus Christi, there are now 3 J80's here, so the intention is to make sure we have enough spare parts in case there are any other mishaps...

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Hi Tonka,

I was looking to message you but possibly you have the feature turned off.

First, if you are looking for Hall parts do call Cara as someone mentioned in your other post. She would be the only one who knows if there are any parts in their containers.

Second, we have been talking to the class president a lot about being involved more with the class and helping out with the worlds. (By "we" I mean Sparcraft.) Give us a ring and we can talk about what your region needs and how we can help out. We have things going out to Kevin Hayes all the time so shipping probably is quite reasonable depending on what is needed. Again, give us a ring. (or email Henry at



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