The races must go on.

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30 minutes ago, maxstaylock said:

Where I stay in the UK, the exec committee of the dinghy sailing club (the ones who once saw a boat, and like the sound of their own voice) shut the club with the standard RYA and gov guidelines etc bullshit.  Then the weekend comes, never seen the marina, beach, or golf course busier in march.

Now I understand all the snowflakes here wrapping themselves in cotton wool, it's their choice, I salute you, but please, life is a risk, please stop pissing on my BBQ too.

I feel cheated, it's almost enough to make a guy volunteer for committee.  Almost.

There are some satisfying risky behaviours that only put the participant at risk (or at least principally put the participant at risk). I’m OK with the individual participant making their own choice about how they value the benefit of that activity  vs the increased risk they are taking. We can think about three categories

1.       Participant at risk but minimal societal impact. I’d put off piste skiing in that category (I would because like most people I can self justify my choices). As long as you've thought through the probability and severity of  impact of your loss to loved ones...go for it.

2.       Participant at risk with potential societal impact. Launching in very bad or forecast very bad weather I put somewhere in between – principal risk to the participant BUT also potential risk to life saving personnel (RNLI, USCG...). These take some balancing by the participant.

3.       Participant at risk with comparable or larger societal risk. There are some behaviours like drinking and driving that put both the participant at risk but also others. Really those are selfish things to do.

The problem is many people think of a casual approach to self exposure to C 19 as a category 1. Activity when it looks like it really is a category 3. Activity.

The healthy young hedonists partying in Florida are having a great time without thinking about the role they may have in an infection chain that ends up with a high risk person dying....that may be older lifetime smoker....or it may be their classmate who has bad asthma.

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2 hours ago, Monkey said:

I’m in full lock down, so at least there’s no risk of spreading it from me. I’m just sick of the idiots. The game changes when the deaths go from stats to people you know. 

As Stalin once pointed out, 'The death of one person is a tragedy, the death of a million people is a statistic.' 

Hope everything goes well for you.

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On Monday I posted that there were over 7K deaths.

5 days later it's over 12K.

And still morons think it's safe to go sailboat racing.

Darwin contenders all.

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