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What can you do to stay safe and help your community?art?

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  • Practice rigorous isolation and social distancing.  Stay at home. Stay in contact with friends and family online to reduce the sense of isolation. This disease needs contact to stay alive...dont help it.  If you are in areas which have not responded yet, get ahead of the curve. When you need to get out for a walk stay well away from other walkers...a wave and a yelled "hello" is equally friendly. If you are not wearing a mask,,,,, stay 20 feet away.
  • Please allow any masks supplies to go to the local hospital. When masks become more freely available...wear a mask when you go out.  It will significantly reduce the viral load if you encounter an infected person (who obviously doesnt know they are infected) + it prevents you unintentionally touching your face. If you dont have a mask, use what is available,,,,even a scarf until masks are freely available.  For now, please respect that healthcare professionals are a priority but masks will eventually catch up and be a part of our daily lives.
  • Wash hands with soap frequently.
  •  Form a neighborhood group for grocery shopping.  I person shopping for 4 families reduces contact. The "grocery shopper"  should exercise great caution while shopping, with social distancing , make shift mask and washing hands.  And yes...take care of those aged neighbors who should not be shopping at all.
  • After going outside, leave shoes outside on porch or just inside the door. Or wipe them down with soap. Throw clothes in wash and shower.
  • Any one person, who might otherwise have gotten infected but avoids getting infected is helping their community.

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I now know where all the hoarded n95s went. To ordinary people in the Shop & Stop. Garages stuffed FULL of fucking toilet paper and N95 masks. SEND THEM TO THE HOSPITALS YOU USELESS DRABS!

Masks are NOT going to "catch up" because the hoarders will keep buyinge them up--like tulips. It will be funny when they all start trying to offload them in 2022 on Amazon. Construction workers are going to have a really cheap supply for a while.

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