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Newick Outrigger 26/Somersault 26

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I am helping a friend resurrect a Somersault 26/Outrigger 26. 


The boat is named Hulabaloo and we believe it originated out of New Jersey somewhere.


We are looking for any info on:

-mast raising

-rigging specs (running and standing rigging dimensions)

-ANY info/manuals or access to present and past owners that we can gain any insight from as we progress with this project.


We are located in Upstate New York near Lake Ontario.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




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I think there is a FB group.  I no longer FB so haven't checked recently

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On 5/15/2020 at 9:50 AM, Russell Brown said:

You scored! There was a thread in Fix-It anarchy about the crossarms and photos of a European one at the end of this page: 


How many of those are there?


13 were made.  I do not know if the prototype is included in that count.  It would be great if we could keep track of all and their owners or "boat husbands"  as Dick Newick called them.  We talked and he interviewed me when I bought sail # 8.  He likes to be sure all his "boat daughters"  have good "boat husbands" to care for them.


We have Ladybug, sail # 8  We are in Upstate NY near Schenectady. 

Sparky sail # ? is outside Toronto 

Seraphyn sail #? was on Lake Champlain then sold and moved to the south of France

Mini Moxie sail #? was in New Jersey or on Cayuga Lake in upstate NY

name & sail number unknown  in Sweden  

NnIsssoon sail # ? was in Quebec may have been brokered by the multihull source.

Prototype sail 1??  was in northern California and being restored

 Please contact me directly.  I have a lot of drawings, some mine, and some by Dick Newick to share.  I would like to make a list serve like a small F-boat group so we can help each other by comparing notes and restoration projects.


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Quite interesting that the number built is similar to the number of G-32's built. What were you thinking for a forum about the boats? The G-32's have a facebook page called Gougeon multihulls, but I'm not a fan of facebook. Proasailor would be good for advice on that.

How much does one weigh?

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I race her with an exact (in racing conf. including bedding etc.) 1000kg 

Weighed with a crane ,for a Texel rating of 1.42 and Mocra Tcf 1.20.6

With a couple of degree angle of attack on the “swiveling” daggerboard , she tracks 90 degree tacking angles on GPS

Closer on the compass...


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