Laser / ILCA Sail Settings Guide Now Available

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Hi all,

We've got an Upwind Sail Settings Guide now available for the Laser / ILCA Dinghy - you can goto our website to download it. It's included in our online course and we're also providing it FREE to all sailors. This is a great starting point for setting up your dinghy to go fast!

Settings have been vetted by Olympic Champions and Coaches and include:

Vang Coding/Calibration Guide
MKII Settings Flat Water
MKII Settings Chop
Radial Settings Flat Water
Radial Settings Chop

They are available both in imperial and metric measurements.

Included here is a sample chart for the MKII in flat water.

Hope you enjoy the guide and that it helps you sail faster this weekend!!



1 MKII Flat Water Imperial.jpg

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