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Skipper finally graduated to a boat with a head, so now I can take a dump on starboard tacks.

Now for the questions:

Where can I find an owner's manual for this beast?

What's with the quarter berth cushions? There's nothing holding them up besides the stringer at kidney level. Are there supposed to be boards under them or do those cushions fit elsewhere to make a proper napping spot?

Peace & love.

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Congrats...the 29 is one of the best sailing boats for the money under 30 feet. We loved ours and had a great time with it.

  • Owners manual - yeah...nah. Take a look at this blog on a really nice restoration of a 29 out of the Chesapeake: May give you a little insight...
  • Q-Berth - There should be two pieces of plywood cut to fit into that area. 1/4 inch should do it. Seal it good as it gets kinda wet back there.

Best of luck to the owner. What hull number?


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Thanks for the note. Hull 240. Now lodged on mighty Lake St. Clair.

The restoration article on 171 is very good. Thanks for that. Could be great with the addition of pictures, but the price is right.

Regarding the Q-berth, the boat came with four plywood covers like you would find under a settee. There don't seem to be any cleats that would hold them up. It likely won't matter. Cushions smell and there's no sitting down on this job anyhow.



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