OCSC Going Out Of Buisness

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Word on the dock is that OCSC in the Berkeley Marina are going under and are looking for a buyer. 

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That is bad news! Another COVID-19 casualty!

That having been said, I have wondered how they could operate that business with such a large number of boats. And it seems to lack a clear identity: some of the charter boats are expensive yachts, while they also have the J24s. The clubhouse seems nice not fancy -  I have never been inside though. I would say if you want to learn to sail on a J24, or charter one you will be very different clientele than someone who charters a 40 ft Beneteau, or one of those big cats. It seems to me difficult to cater to both of those groups. 

I am probably missing a lot of the ins here and I am sad it is going under! I am sure I cannot afford to buy the business.


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