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R2AK 2021: Still not a buffoon ...

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Hello ...

Reposting last year's message regarding a crew spot on the 2020 2021 edition of the R2AK. 

I'm an still an athletic and rational fifty-something from western Canada with a flexible work schedule and a sense of humour. 

  • Tons of sailing experience in my past 
    • Experience crewing in wilderness locations (ie. Great Slave Lake, off shore)
    • Vessels 30' to 60', offshore and coastal, crew, command and instruction certification
  • Currently do lots of wilderness travel (ski touring and ski mountaineering racing,  hiking, trail running, etc)
  • Have wilderness first aid, good with my hands and with technology, know stuff about solar and 12V systems
  • I'm still not a buffoon (verified by my spouse)

Now new and improved for this year!

  • I took rowing lessons (and discovered it's just as fun as sailing ...)

You can still PM me here.


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