8 Bells. Ken Havard. Boatman, Racer and Diver.

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I just got word that Kenny Havard has passed.  A legend in the quietest way possible.  He crewed on some of the best local So Cal boats including Sorcery, Evolution, Jano, etc.  He serviced pretty much the entire sled fleet when needed and many more.  I worked with him on so many projects I cannot even recall. And weirdly, his son now works on the program I am currently involved in.

Dive on, Kenny.

P.S. If you ever received a piece of 600 wet/dry in your cockpit.  You knew you had been billed.


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I am floored to read this.  I just saw Kenny over the weekend walking around the yard/club, and I have always gone out of my way to say hi when I have seen him.  

I spent a couple of seasons sitting beside him on the rail in the S35's in my first big keelboat fleets out of school.  

I am really sorry to hear of the passing of such a kind soul.

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